Sweet By Half


Every person who watches Game of Thrones is aware of the fact that Game of Thrones is full of ups and downs. This TV series is basically a melodramatic rollercoaster and is now one of the most watched T.V series of all time having fans all around the world who are obsessed with Game Of Thrones so much that they cannot wait to see what happens next in the coming season.

Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show did a segment about this T.V series listing “Pros and Cons of watching Game of Thrones”, this video was almost 4 minutes long but as you could think the Pro’s & Con’s he mentioned in the list was more of a Jimmy Fallon style.

Some of the Jimmy Fellon “Pro’s & Con’s Of Watching Game Of Thrones” includes:

Pro: Seeing all of your favorite characters come to life!
Con: Then seeing them immediately get killed

Pro: It got Knights, Castles, Dragons, Sex, Lies & Betrayal.
Con: It’s basically Medieval Times meets the Maury Povich Sow.

Pro: You’ve stayed away from spoilers.
Con: Or as they’re also known, “books.”

Other Pro’s & Con’s can be seen in the video.

After announcing the pro’s and con’s Jimmy Fallon and his announcer Steve Higgins go off on an mimic hipsters tangent, that involved playin