Pranking The Homeless


This awesome inspirational video shows how a Glendale shelter, accompanied by a TV chef & others pranked the homeless people and made their day full of surprises.

The Homeless people were served with a filet mignon dinner in a fancy restaurant setting. “Feeding the Homeless – Prank It FWD” is a part of & Greg Benson’s Mediocre Films. Most of you will already know about Benson as he is the man behind the well liked Cellphone Crashing video. Some people take him as an annoying person, but he’s a friendly person who is difficult to be disliked.

Benson said in an interview that he has always loved doing inspiring & encouraging pranks that put a smile on people’s faces but he thinks that this is the most humanitarian video he had done till now.

This prank was funded by & was recorded for April Fools Day. The homeless shelter was converted into an awesome restaurant offering free food to all the homeless people. The homeless people were so overwhelmed by the setting that one of the homeless man said: “If I would have known that this would happen then I would’ve definitely wear a suit”

Benson’s wife Kim Evey was even involved in the prank, as she led the production team. Among others was chef “Jesse Brune” from the show “Home Made Simple”, some servers and few volunteers.