Miami beats Duke in Final Seconds with 8 Laterals


Ok, this was a very crazy ending to a football game. Also according to the NCAA the refs blew the call so the Miami should not have won the game. Regardless this was an amazing play at the end of the game to give Miami the win over Duke.

The craziness began when Duke took the lead with 5 seconds remaining in the game. If you are an rocket scientist or a kid taking second grade for the 3rd time it isn’t to difficult to figure out the game is pretty much over, Duke is supposed to kick off and tackle the Miami returning to end the game.

However Miami was able to lateral the ball 8 times in the process of scoring a Kick off return touchdown. Miami Wins right!

The on field refs gave Miami the win however after the game the NCAA suspended the referees who managed the game for 2 weeks for blowing 2 calls. First, one of the Miami players knees was down before lateraling the ball to one of his teammates. Not obvious but I will take their word for it. Second there should have been one or more calls for blocks in the back by Miami which would have negated the touchdown. One of these calls was made but reversed so the Miami touchdown stood.

Watch for yourself this crazy play!