LG pranks people with its Ultra HD TV


When we talk about selling TVs, LG scares the crap out of people with it’s awesome prank. The electronics giant a short time ago recorded a hidden camera prank commercial which took place at Chile. What LG the electronic giant did was breathtaking, they replaced the window inside an office with one of their high resolution Ultra HD TVs also known as 4K TVs.

Ultra HD or 4K TVs offer a very clearer image than any other types of Television sets presently available in the market. The Ultra HD or 4K TVs sets present you with a resolution four times greater than any other regular HD TVs available.

But broadcasting off this kind of clarity in commercials can be a very challenging and tough job, specifically when the potential customer is watching the commercial on an HD TV or their smartphone/computers with not very good quality screen resolution. So instead, LG pranks the random people who came for an interview & recorded their reaction to the clarity of the screen.

This is what happened. It all starts with unsuspecting job seekers walking into the room for a job interview. They were sitting in front of a fake window and an actor who is playing the role of a potential employer. For a while the Ultra HD TV window presented a city skyline but after almost a minute in the interview, a bright light starts shining at the top left corner of the TV and gradually a meteor shows up as it is going to hit the ground and within seconds an enormous dust cloud rush toward the building. Of course this all is only happening on a TV and it has nothing to do with reality.

The job seekers tried their best to keep calm at first as long as possible, but in the end they all freak out. This awesome prank has almost 5 million views on Youtube.