Justin Bieber Yells at Fans and Storms off Stage

Justin Bieber Walks Out

Justin Bieber is no stranger to controversy. He is a pop star with a huge fan base and a lot of money. Over the past few years he has been arrested multiple times, alienated neighbors and even had a petition created against him to have him exported back to Canada.

JB just released a new song called “Sorry” apologizing for his crazy antics hoping that his image is somewhat redeemed by the general public. However his fan base loves him, they adore him and they are willing to pay lots of money to see him. However this week he walked out of a concert in Norway after just one song because he was annoyed with a few fans. Sorry JB but this isn’t going to help that image you are trying to redeem.

Its probably not easy being a young pop star that has to travel a lot, work hard and have every move watched by a drooling mass media that is hoping for the slightest mess up. However you can’t treat the people who line your pocket with millions of dollars like this.