Charlie Bit Me Again


One of the best short viral videos of all time “Charlie Bit Me”.

In the video a small boy named Harry Davies can be seen sitting happily with his baby brother Charlie on his lap. But wait, what happens next is considered as one of the most unforgettable moments over the internet. Charlie painfully makes a snap for one of his older brother finger.

Now the both brothers who are now 11 and nine years old have given an interview to children’s TV program & have talked about the hilarious video that changed their lives.

This video was originally recorded for the family to send to the both brother’s godfather who lives in America. However, it swiftly went viral & became an early internet hit when the video was uploaded almost eight years ago and it was only uploaded on Youtube because the video was too long to send over email. This video now have more than 816million views on YouTube.

Harry the big brother told in an interview that he now finds viewing the video amusing, Adding: “It makes me laugh.”

Charlie told that he didn’t find it embarrassing and added: ‘I think it’s a bit odd that loads of people have watched it.”

Here is the original Charlie Bit Me Video:

Here is video of the kids grown up: