Awesome Magic from VINE’s Zach King


Zach King has discovered an amazing way to entertain his followers in short 6 second videos on VINE. By simply doing magic.

My kids are addicted to watching his videos. Some of his tricks you could figure out on your own and duplicate using your smart phone, however some of them are very creative leaving you wondering how did he do that.

Zach started out by offering tutorials on the web on how to use the video editor Final Cut in 2008. Then in 2011 Zach posted a YouTube video of two kittens fighting with lightsabers that went viral. Finally in 2013 Zach signed up for VINE and posted a new Vine video everyday for 30 days which helped launch him into the superstardom.

Here is a compilation of some of Zach’s best Vines.

Below is the Jedi Kitten Video from YouTube that helped him go viral.